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Turning our Waste into Objects : La Manufacture de Papier company

You’ve probably heard of the Paris Design Week festival. It's an exhibition of design products, spread out in Paris, from September 8th 2022 toSeptember 17th. Design students from François Mansart high school had the opportunity to discover many design projects, in particular projects highlighting eco-friendly approaches. And if you want to discover some of our favourite ones,then keep reading !

Last week we went to the Paris Design Week festival in a multi-level group.

We followed different itineraries on different themes like « Design for a wild world » or even « The Nature of Things », which allowed us to meet different designers and observe different design projects. Some were students and others were professionals.

One project particularly intrigued me: two designers who have created a range of objects from recycled paper (with paper pulp) called « la manufacture de papier ». Indeed, they recover from local companies paper destined to be thrown away.

The two designers form a paste by mixing paper pieces with water: then, they form several layers which they superimpose and which they let harden in the open air. It should be noted that these layers dry in a mold that gives them their shape.

What is interesting in this project is the upgrading of the paper material which represents one of the greatest sources of waste in company offices

, and which is never reused to its right value. It can be very easily recycled so this collective wanted to appropriate it and propose useful objects to all. They make chairs, tables and lights with this paper.

On this light for example, the designers wanted to recreate the light produced by the moon and the effects of light generated by the craters of the moon.

They question where the material comes from and its afterlife.

Written by Pauline GUILLERM, second year student

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