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  • Rémy Bellaïche

Seating in schools

Last week I went to PDW. It’s a festival combining exhibitions of different designers, students, professionals, amateurs and associations. This festival is very attractive, we can see a large range of objects - , fictional objects, sketches, eccentric objects, new material, basic furniture… so there are so many.

One object caught my attention, it’s a chair designed and made by the student Lola PAUTHIER, she manufactures this chair with oak and cork. This furniture is targeted for primary school pupils. But why am I talking about this ?

The first point is the goal of the designer, she wants to change the learning atmosphere by changing furniture use. She gives various possibilities for a chair; this chair can be used like a bench, high chair, and also allows you to stretch out. These possibilities allow them to develop their creativity, to have some quiet time, to learn and to work in groups.

The second point is the composition. Indeed the materials used are environmentally friendly, the collection of oak does not require tree felling, and cork is a hard and ecological material.

The final point is the image of the chair: the designer has chosen not to paint the chair to keep the natural aspect of the creation and to raise pupils’ awareness.

Education needs to change: leave room for creativity in order to change the world.

Written by Rémy BELLAICHE, second year student

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