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  • Chloé Gimenez

FAbBRICKThe FabLAMP: reusing fabrics to make a lamp

Paris Design Week 2022 started on Thursday, September 8th. With my group of five students I had the opportunity to visit many places and see many things related to design.

Presented at the arsenal pavilion, I selected the FabLAMP from FabBRICK as an eco-friendly object. This lamp is made of recycled fabrics and you will see, its creation is quite simple.

The company collects worn out clothes, sorts them by color (white, denim blue, multicolored). Fabrics are then ground into pieces. After that they add glue made from biosourced ingredients to compact the material and give it the shape they want with molds. Finally the mixture dries in the open air to solidify.

FabBRICK gives clothes one last chance by giving them a new life and function. Otherwise it would have been buried or burned, which is not really eco-responsible.

FabLAMP is for me a perfect eco-friendly object because it comes from a reuse of material and the manufacturing process doesn’t pollute.

FabBRICK offers a varied catalog of textile furniture. They even design bricks, cotton being a very good insulator.

I really enjoyed this day, it was rich in design discovery particularly in the field of eco-responsibility. A very inspiring moment for the designer that I am becoming.

Written by Chloé GIMENEZ, second year student

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